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FYCit is absolutely free to use and always will be.

FYCit should work well on any iOS or Android device. If you have trouble, please drop us a line on the contact page and let us know what device you are using. FYCit is currently only available as a mobile app but let us know if you would be interested in seeing a web version and we’ll do our best!

FYC screenings (or ‘For Your Consideration’ screenings) are film screenings (typically) hosted by studios or film distributors that target guild members or awards voters in order to promote their films for the awards season. They are free to attend and sometimes include a Q&A or reception event. Importantly, access is strictly controlled by the studios and only those who qualify as guild members or awards voters (or their registered guests) are allowed in. 

Until FYCit, guild members and FYC attendees needed to navigate a jumble of dozens of websites in order to find out what events were happening on any given date. FYCit solves that problem by collecting all of that data and presenting it in one simple, attractive place. With added features like the ability to mark movies as ‘want to see’ and being alerted when new screenings are added, FYCit is your awards season resource.

Nope, we just link you to the studios who handle all RSVPs and verification of eligibility. But we do our best to take you directly to the studios’ RSVP pages if their design allows it. 

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee space availability or access to any of the screenings listed on FYCit. The studios control all access to the screenings. Please verify with them when you RSVP if your guild affiliation allows access to the screening.

You are welcome to use the app to see what movies and screenings the studios are listing and to view any media assets on film profiles. However you will not be able to RSVP or attend any screenings if you do not qualify for access by being a member of a guild or awards voter group designated for access by the screening or event host (typically the studio). We are exploring ways to be useful for those filmgoers not involved in the awards ecosystem. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with future updates.

If you are not a guild member and not part of an organization that typically allows access to FYC screenings, you will not be admitted into the screening. FYCit does not handle RSVPs and does not guarantee any kind of access. Please check with the studio to determine if your guild or organization will grant you access.

All of the screening info found on FYCit comes from the studios’ publicly available FYC/awards websites or from the studios themselves. FYCit does not list screenings ‘hidden’ by the studios unless requested to do so by the studios themselves.

We do our best to update or remove screenings when the studio removes them or changes them to waitlist/full. However these things are always changing so sometimes a screening will still be listed after it fills up. We’re sorry for any potential frustration this might cause.

Currently FYCit tracks FYC screenings in Los Angeles, New York, London and San Francisco. We hope to expand to other locales soon. If you have other locales you’d like to see us track, please let us know.

We are always working to improve FYCit. If you find any bugs or have any ideas on how we can make the app better, please drop us a line.

Restrictions within Google Firebase (our database provider) mean that unfortunately it isn’t possible to easily change your login email address.  So while not exactly optimal, the best way to do this is to just sign up for a new account with the new email address and start using that instead. 

If you are looking to change your email for the FYCit newsletter,  you can click the “Update my preferences” button at the bottom of each newsletter.

The most common problem we’ve seen is when iPhone users have their text scaling turned all that way up. That can make the text on the welcome screen so big that the login button is off the screen. Try shrinking down your text size and it should hopefully fix it.

Go into your settings and scroll down to Display & Brightness and then Text Size you will find a little slider. If you put that right in the middle it should fix it. Once you are signed up you can bump that up again though the experience with larger text scaling probably isn’t optimal. More info from Apple here.

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